You are about to do yourself a huge favour!

How would it be if you could:

  • Feel totally at ease in your own body
  • Be free of chronic pain and discomfort
  • Lose weight and gain energy, easily and naturally
  • Break through the blocks that are stopping you being who you want to be and living the life you want to live
  • Have access to tips, tricks and secret strategies that will make it so much easier to make and sustain the best choices for you and your unique life
  • Co-create and implement a tailor-made diet and lifestyle plan that is exactly right for you
  • Take a completely different approach to managing your health
  • Understand exactly what works for your unique body, and what doesn’t
  • Connect with an expert who can unravel all your symptoms and get to the root cause of what is making you feel less than how you want to feel
  • Unwind all your symptoms one by one and get back to feeling how you want to feel
  •  Say ‘goodbye’ to stubborn tummy fat, being tired all the time, chronic pain and/or feeling like crap for no obvious reason!

You are in exactly the right place to do all those things!

Working with a health-coach can be transformational!

Discover what it could mean for you.

Join me for a virtual coffee and a chat about what matters to you most, so we can start transforming your life.

I used to be fat, depressed, exhausted and in constant pain, and then I discovered the connection between what we eat and how we feel.  You can discover it too, and change your life forever.

I used to be fat, depressed, exhausted and in constant pain, and then I discovered the connection between what we eat and how we feel. You can discover it too, and change your life forever.

If you were sitting beside me just now, I would give you the biggest hug. This has been a great experience, and, although I thought it would be difficult and complicated, it wasn’t. I have lost 9lbs in the 3 weeks so far! My clothes fit better and I feel so much more comfortable in myself. I feel revitalised, re-energised, sleep more soundly and am basically loving this new me.

Sheena Bridgman, Two Week Transformation Superstar

From now on, ‘overwhelm’ is a thing of the past.

When things are out of kilter in our bodies, it can be exhausting, depressing or scary – often all three.  Sometimes that imbalance presents as stubborn weight, or pain, fertility issues, struggles to gain weight, chronic fatigue, skin problems or frustratingly vague symptoms that are difficult to nail down such as brain fog, depression or just feeling like crap for no obvious reason.  Whatever may be the source of your dis-comfort, there is a way to unwind it and restore balance, using gentle and natural methods that do not cause you other problems down the track.

From now on, you will be able to understand all the subtle influences at play that get in the way of making you feel totally on top of your game and prevent you from living the life you want and deserve. You will be able to take back control and get off that hamster-wheel of anxiety, uncertainty and frustration.

Together we will:

  • De-construct the connection between what you eat and how you feel
  • Use food as medicine to bio-hack your body’s natural inclination to be well and happy
  • Understand those unique-to-you must-eat and must-avoid foods to create your own nutritional blue-print
  • Put together simple strategies to put you back in the driving seat of your own life so everything becomes easier, happier and more fulfilling.

What you get:

  • Two 50-minute, one to one, sessions per month in which we get to grips with everything that impacts your health
  • Ongoing support via text, email and in my Facebook Group
  • Cutting edge nutritional information and guidance, tailored specifically for you
  • Practical, sensible support – menus, mealplans, shopping lists
  • Everything you need to feel better, forever

Choose how you would like to work with me ..

  • Two Week Transformation

    Kickstart your Transformation with this structured, Two-week healthy eating challenge based on whole, natural foods. Discover exactly what works for your body so you can lose weight, shake off exhaustion, fight off coughs and colds, and transform yourself, ready to take 2018 by storm! Contains everything you need for total success:

    Programme Overview

    Menu Plan and shopping lists

    150 page recipe book

    Writable pdf Food and Mood journal so you can easily track what you eat and how it makes you feel

    Ongoing coaching support via email and Facebook

    Transition Guide for the end of the programme so you can benefit long into the future

    Additional course hand-outs to help you manage specific issues or concerns

  • Personal Breakthrough Coaching

    Discover how food can work as medicine to restore the right balance for you. Your opportunity to get all the support, practical advice and information you need to get to the root cause of your symptoms of imbalance (whether weight, pain, fatigue, hormonal issues, anxiety, discomfort or depression) and unwind them once and for all. Two one-hour sessions per month, in person or via skype  that will change your life for the better, forever!

  • Bespoke Food Map

    A structured 4 month programme to discover your personal nutritional kryptonite and set you on the path to total food confidence.  Ideal for people who suffer multiple food sensitivities, IBS, chronic ill health, depression or fatigue.


Want to see some changes fast?

Book a Power Hour.

We’ll take a deep dive into what’s troubling you and you will take away 3 or 4 powerful, sensible and do-able strategies to help you get back the health and the body you want.

What are you waiting for? Let’s power up the real you now! 

Honestly, best experience ever..I surprised myself that I was able to follow the Prϋv Protocol so easily..I love how I feel..I love how I discovered new things and to top things off, I’m getting close to my pre-pregnancy body!