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  • Arganic – Argan Oil Starter Gift-Set

    1x 100ml Organic Culinary Argan Oil, 1x 50ml Organic Cosmetic Argan Oil and a Gift Bag

    Makes the perfect gift!

    For those of you who are new to the wonders of argan oil, and want to treat yourself inside and out this is the perfect pack for you.

    The cell-repairing properties of the raw, cosmetic oil make it perfect for use on the face, body and hair. What’s more – it’s even safe for use on babies and during pregnancy.

    Use our nutty tasting culinary oil on your dishes – which boasts a vitamin E content 3 times higher than that of olive oil’s – and you’ll be glowing from the inside out.

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  • Arganic – Organic Cosmetic Argan Oil

    An incredibly versatile antioxidant-rich ingredient with cell repairing properties. Suitable for use on face, body, hair and safe on babies. 100% pure cold-pressed raw argan oil.

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  • Arganic – Organic Culinary Argan Oil

    250ml Organic Culinary Argan Oil

    A delicious nutty-tasting oil made from cold-pressed lightly toasted argan kernels. 100% pure, cold-pressed and organic argan oil perfect for sweet and savoury dishes.

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